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Our Vice President



I am very proud to express that Agrasen College has anticipated the momentum of globalization intensifying in the coming years which would make India even more attractive destination to learn and practice management.

India has stopped working in a routine, bureaucratic manner as it is undergoing "transformative changes," Our Hon’ble Prime Minister told a group of influential business leaders in Bangkok, hard-selling the country as one of the most attractive investment destinations globally.

As a Commerce Graduate from St. Xaviers College, Kolkata, I have started career in business in the year 1968 now carries more than 40 years of vital experience in the transportation business. A vision and futurology is essential to succeed in today’s context. This equally implies in education too. The best act of human civilization is the art of getting civilized. In this process, human beings exchanged opinion, mental and physical views and above all begin to explore the things or concepts, which have, not in existence.

Civilizations are intimately associated with and often further defined by other socio-politico-economic characteristics, including centralization, the domestication of both humans and other organisms, specialization of labor, culturally ingrained ideologies of progress, monumental architecture, taxation, societal dependence upon farming and expansionism. To come up and deal with these issues education and technical skill are essential.

This is reason particularly felt by Agrasen College that educational establishments are the necessity to develop the nation to groom with international perspective to our brilliant students. The definition of world class is something that is the best of the best, of the highest class internationally. The society believes that students are well poised to draw the best in their educational experience due to cross cultural exposure and learning of management concepts in Indian environment. Besides it, the presence of people from diverse geographical regions, the learning experience for all the students improve a lot.

The team members involved in the establishment, day to day management to achieve the vision and mission of the society is an inherent part to establish institutes of diverse streams and levels under the aegis of All India Agrasen Technical Education & Research Foundation with experience in the field of Management, Industry and technology. Their wider self experience and expertise were utilized fully in the establishment of this society and no outside consultants were involved. This is indeed pleasure to express gratitude and appreciation to the well wishers, faculties and students who have embraced the umbrella of Agrasen College. Because of their faith in us we have successfully moving forward with positive vibes.

Mr. Ganesh Prasad Kandoi

Vice President

The BIO SKETCH OF Mr. G P Kandoi

Mr. Ganesh Prasad Kandoi, a Commerce Graduate from St. Xaviers College, kolkata who started his business career in the year 1968 now carries more than 40 years of vital experience in the transportation business.
His contribution and dedication is immense to bring KTL to such heights. He is socially very active and is holding various prestigious posts in many social organisations such as Chairman- Melvin Jones Lions Eye Hospital, National Vice-president – All India Marwari Federation, President- Agarwal Vikas Trust, Ex-President- Interstate Transport Association. President- Cuttack Marwari Samaj, Gen.Secy. – Shree Gopal Krishna Goshala he has also been awarded Bhamasa Award from Hon’ble Chief minister of Rajasthan for his valuable contribution in the field of promoting education & building schools in Rajgarh & Sidhmuk in Rajasthan.
Under the strong leadership and guidance of his excellence, Purvi Bharat Steels Ltd. won the best entrepreneurship award from Hon’ble president of India. He took over a hard coke sick unit, M/s Nandighosh Coal & coke product Pvt. Ltd. in 2000 and revived the unit. In a time span of 3 years, the unit wiped up all the losses and went for expansion of double the quantity. He along with his partner took C&F agency of Hindustan Uni-Lever for whole Odisha state in 1999, which is doing pretty well.
Due to his enumerous contributions to the society at large, All India Agrasen Technical Education & Research Foundation, New Delhi is proud to induct him in the BOG as Vice President.

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